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In 2009, I enrolled in an art class and began painting with oils The class instructor was a French painter who had us recreate works on canvas from great artists This classical approach of emulating the works of masters is how all artists begin the learning process Primarily, this act requires one to plan the understructure of shapes in order to create movement and excitement within a painting In the process of recreating a classic painting, it is important to use the eye and the mind One

Hello and welcome to my blog  I am Burke Wilford, and my studio is my sanctum It is the place where I think, create, and work  My medium is oil painting, which I took up as a pastime over ten years ago, never knowing that it would change my life  The journey as an artist leads down many varied avenues of discovery and I want you to feel free to join me while I explore all aspects of art creation, and hopefully encourage you to take up painting as well Some of the blogs will be about

Welcome! Art is a celebration, joy and journey that can touch the deepest parts of man’s soul while reaching to the stars This page and my website are a record of my creative passion My love for art and painting began at an early age, but my painting journey began later in life I am mostly a self-taught painter who was raised with an appreciation of classic, impressionist and abstract artists The style of my oil paintings are reminiscent of the classic American abstract expressionist

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